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11th International Conference on Agrophysics: Soil, Plant & Climate

26-28 September 2016, Lublin, Poland

The organizers, Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Academy of Sciences Branch in Lublin cordially invite researchers, students and representatives of non-academic actors interested in participating in the forthcoming edition of International Conference on Agrophysics that will be held in Lublin, Poland on 26-28th September 2016.

Agriculture is the most important sector for food security, bioeconomy and climate change. Since soil, plant and atmosphere/climate are tightly interlinked components of agriculture, the whole value chain should be of particular interest of current research, involving multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral actors. Agrophysics engages physics, chemistry and biology in solving contemporary problems in agriculture and aims for understanding the soil-plant-atmosphere system components and their interrelationship. Such knowledge is an indispensable base for innovations in agriculture, in particular: exploitation of biomass for new products and services, ensuring sustainable food security, and mitigation of climate change. These challenges will be the main topics of 11th International Conference on Agrophysics: Soil, Plant & Climate. The aim is to bring together world-leading researchers and actors in different agricultural sectors to create a multidisciplinary forum and achieve synergistic effect of their comprehensive expertise. We believe that this event will be an excellent opportunity for training early stage researchers and establishing a project-oriented network(s) for future collaborative research on the soil-plant-atmosphere interrelations.

These three days of scientific meeting will cover the following topics:

  • Soil and plant management for resilient crops
    • Soil quality
    • Plant response to abiotic stresses
  • Plant food quality
    • Quality evaluation
    • Structure and function: experiment and model
  • Biomass based products and energy
    • New biomass-based products
    • Waste valorisation
  • Agriculture and climate change
    • Gas emission from soil and plants
    • Low carbon agriculture